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Canon is one of the most respected and leading names in the imaging world. It is a Japanese multinational and multibillion corporation that specializes in the manufacture of imaging and optical products.

The company was founded in 1933 under the name Kwanon. Its name was taken after the Buddhist bodhisattva Guan Tin who was known in Japanese as Kannon. Only in 1947 was the company renamed as Canon. In 1934, it produced a prototype for Japan’s first-ever 35 mm camera with a focal plane shutter. Since then, Canon pioneered amazing inventions and immense innovations in the imaging world. Presently, its headquarters are located at Its headquarters are located in ÅŒta, Tokyo, Japan.

Canon manufactures the following products:

Lesser known Canon products are:

Canon: What makes it different?

Canon is one of the most preferred brands by many customers. Its well-reputed name springs from the following features:

  • Experience. Canon has been on business for almost 80 years. It knows exactly what people want and has constantly kept pace with this dynamic need through their state-of-the-art, up-to-date and breakthrough technology.
  • Range of innovative products. Though Canon specializes in imaging and optical products, there is so much variety and selection within each product category. For example, they have several lenses and flashes to choose from – standard zoom, ultra-wide zoom, telephoto zoom, wide-angle, super telephoto, macro, till-shift, speedlite and extenders.
  • User-friendly. Canon products are easy to operate. No wonder, Canon is the largest manufacturer of camera products in several parts of the world and is the top choice by many professional photographers.
  • Photo quality. Without doubt, Canon produces high-quality photos, even the less expensive models.
  • Recycling programs. Canon’s Recycling Program is committed to ensure appropriate recycling of certain Canon products to help improve the environment and local communities. They pay customers for products that can be recycled such as batteries, projector lamps, copiers, lenses and more.
  • Green calculators. These items are product of Canon’s recycling program. These are produced in parts from recycled Canon copiers.
  • Technical supports and services. Canon has “My Account” feature in their website where customer can make quick work of re-ordering supplies and accessories through the Canon Online Store. Customers will also experience first-class assistance from caring agents who know Canon products inside and out.
  • Environmental concern. Other than providing products, Canon also advocates the cause of nature. The organization Clean Air-Cool Planet places Canon at the top of their list of 56 climate-friendly companies. The company also has an environmental charter which looks at “offering products with a lower environmental burden through improvements in resource efficiency, while eliminating anti-social activities that threaten the health and safety of mankind and the environment.”
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This strategy was launched by Canon in Europe which was also known as “Green is just a shade of blue.” The strategy places emphasis on green issues being “a small part of the bigger, bluer picture”, and therefore gives equal importance to other areas, including ethics, attitudes, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, education, science and social welfare.
  • Humanitarian cause. Canon also does philanthropic activities. For example, in 2008, Canon donated financial support to help the estimated 5 million people displaced by the earthquake that hit China’s Sichuan province.
  • Sponsorship. Canon has also supported and is continuously supporting several events. Among them are the English Football League, Champions League, UEFA tournaments, World Cup tournaments, Paris Fashion Week, The Red Cross, WWF, World Press Photo, Formula One, Montreal’s Olympics Games, US Open Tennis Tournament, and many more.
Canon vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Canon)

Once we say “camera,” only four names pop into anybody’s head – Sony, Kodak, Nikon, and of course, Canon.

Kodak is one of the oldest manufacturers of imaging and optical products. It was one of the first companies to begin selling digital cameras. Their cameras are well-made, sturdy and truly affordable. However, Kodak has not been able to keep up with the latest trends, unlike Canon which constantly updates their models. Their products do not possess the advanced features found in many Canon cameras. Still, Kodak remains to be well-loved by many because of their dependable quality and low prices.

Sony is popular for their cutting-edge features and sleek style. It was the one of the first manufacturers to use touchscreen and Sony Lenses are truly of high quality. Their cameras are very lightweight, handy and stylish. However, Sony cameras are exclusive and very expensive. On top of that, they tend to produce lower-quality images, especially in low light conditions, than less expensive Canon models.

Lastly, Nikon is one of the top choices among professional photographers, much like Canon. They both produce excellent photo quality and have a wide range of both SLR and point-and-shoot cameras. But in terms of price, Canon betters Nikon.

Canon: Pricing & packages

Here is a price list of all Canon Digital SLR Cameras:

EOS 5D Mark III EF 24-105mm IS Lens Kit: $4,299.00

EOS 5D Mark III Body: $3,499.00

EOS 5D Mark II EF 24-105mm IS Lens Kit: $2,999.00

EOS 5D Mark II EF: $2,199.00

EOS 7D EF-S 18-135mm IS Lens Kit: $1,849.00

EOS 7D EF 28-135mm IS Lens Kit: $1,749.00

EOS 7D Body: $1,549.00

EOS 60D EF-S 18-200mm IS Lens Kit: $1,299.00

EOS 60D EF-S 18-135mm IS Lens Kit: $1,199.00

EOS 60D Body: $899.99

EOS 60Da Body: $1,499.00

EOS Rebel T3i EF-S 18-135mm IS Lens Kit: $1,049.00

EOS Rebel T3i EF-S 18-55mm IS Lens Kit: $849.99

EOS Rebel T3i Body: $749.99

EOS Rebel T3i EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit: $649.99

EOS Rebel T2i Body: $599.99

EOS Rebel T3 Black EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit: $499.99

EOS Rebel T3 Red EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit: $499.99

EOS Rebel T3 Metallic Gray EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit: $499.99

EOS Rebel T3 Brown EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit: $499.99

EOS-1D Mark IV Body: $4,999.00

For Kodak (Digital cams only, no DSLR):

EASYSHARE Camera: $69.95 - $299.95

For Sony:

NEX Cameras: $649.99, $949.97, $1349.99

Alpha Cameras: $799.99, $999.99, $1999.99

For Nikon: $11.95 - $1499.95

Canon: Product images & screenshots
Canon Coupons
Canon: Customer reviews & comments

Here are some of the things customers have to say about Canon products:

“Canon's PowerShot S100 is still the smallest camera you can buy that delivers good photo quality with a full set of manual capabilities and a wide-aperture lens. And it's a great little camera--well designed and comfortable to shoot, albeit with a couple of caveats.” – Cnet Review on Canon PowerShot S100

“The Canon lens is the more practical choice here. While neither one is any great shakes optically and you lose light really quick when zooming in, the Canon has two advantages over the Nikon: first, that extra bit on the long end is really handy if you only have the one lens. It’s quite a decent telephoto length, suitable for getting wildlife, birds, and so on at middle distance. The same object at the end of the Nikon focal length would have less clarity in most situations. Second, the Canon lens, while somewhat larger, has all internal elements — meaning nothing on the outside moves except the switches and rings.” – Devin Coldewey on Head-to-Head Review: Canon T3i vs. Nikon D5100, via

“The EF-S 18-135 is a pretty decent lens with the “middle of the road” performance you’d expect from a lens of this class. The zoom range of the 18-135 (equivalent to 28-216mm full frame) covers most of the requirements of the average photographer, from wideangle to telephoto, and does it in a single lens with a very effective IS system. For some users this might be the only lens they need and there’s no denying that not having to switch lenses can be a convenience.” – Bob Atkins on Canon EF-S 18-135/3.5-5.6 IS Lens Review, via

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Cannon really is a quality brand, well explained.

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I have a Canon camera from the 1980s that still works great.

I have an old Canon Powershot that I still use.  The image quality is super sharp and I've always preferred Canon.

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You have an assured earning doing this reviews, kabayan. I stand by Canon having my 400D DSLR which maybe years behind but still snaps sharp pictures.

I have found a lot of interesting information here. Because I want to become a professional photographer and I need an excellent camera. I suppose that canon is good enough.

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